College Credit Transfer Requirements

  • Save Time and Money—Transfer Your College Credits to the CIA

    You’ve come to the right place to get the best education available. The CIA offers one-of-a-kind experiences and opportunities for students interested in the food industry. Transferring your credits to get your CIA degree is easier than you think—and may even save you money!

    Will My College Credits Transfer?

    There are three ways you can learn if your college credits can be used toward a CIA degree:

    • 现在申请到澳门足彩appwhen you apply online be sure to indicate on your application that you wish to “fast track” your education. Your transcript will automatically be reviewed for transfer credits. 就这么简单!
    • Schedule a personalized assessment of your transfer credits. You may be the perfect candidate for our degree completion or turbo programs! Meet with our transfer credit expert, 林赛德尔维奇奥, to review your transcripts and walk through the application process. Schedule a meeting with 林赛 >
    • Take a sneak peek of pre-approved transfer credits by viewing the CIA’s online database.
      Please note this database is an unofficial resource and is for informational purposes only. Since this list is incomplete, we encourage students to apply or meet with 林赛 to receive a full credit assessment.


    Applicable transfer credits may include those for specific majors as well as exam results, 工作经验, 军事课程, and life achievement courses.

    Due to the highly specialized nature of the CIA’s culinary education, only business management and liberal arts courses will be considered for transfer credit approval. We do not accept transfer credits for culinary arts, 烘焙及糕点艺术, or hospitality and service management (restaurant) courses.

    To review our full transfer credit policy, visit the CIA’s online Academic Catalog at catalog.cddvdduplicationjacksonville.com.

    Articulation Credit Agreements

    The CIA has articulation agreements that facilitate the transfer process with other educational organizations, including high schools and national student organizations, as well as Orange County Community College and Rockland Community College in 纽约. A complete list of our articulation agreement partners can be found online. (PDF)